Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bakers vs GoJane


I've just ordered this black booties (2nd picture) from GoJane. It's almost similar to the Bakers ones....difference is....the heel. GoJane ones are a lil'...i would say...thick on the heels whilst Bakers..a lil' on the thin side. Both are equally nice...but i'd go for GoJane's coz' it's more affordable. In the mean time...i shall wait for the arrival...say...2 / 3 weeks from now?


♥ fashion chalet said...

Gawd, they're gorgeouss :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

aw, thanks!! :)

i'm totally down for a link exchange, thanks for the quick reply back. :) let me know when so I can add yours in, love.


ivy said...

will post it out as soon as i get this shoe! thanx for dropping by :)

Sushi said...

Great shoes! I have added you to my blogroll btw x Sushi

ivy said...

thankxxx alot Sushi!


StyleAntagonist said...

Hey Ivy, great shoes you've got there! Its so sad that Bakers offers limited delivery.. i knew that you wanted the Bakers shoe so much and now GoJane finally up with an alternative price, good deal! i am as equally excited as you are too :D Make sure you do post once it has arrived ya!

ivy said...

lol! yeap! alternative and a great deal too!
i'll certainly post it out as soon as it arrives ;)


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