Saturday, May 23, 2009

What i would wear if it's cold outside

up-close what i wore : thrifted oversized grey sweater, Banana Republic spaghetties, DIY black skirt, Mango hook-on belt, ankle booties from eBay, Mango metal fringe purse,

I'm not a big fan of sweater actually...besides, weather here would kill us if i were to wear one. I have never worn this grey sweater since the day i bought it (fyi, i wore this sweater JUST for these shots and back to the closet) and when did i bought it....beginning of last year? mid last year? Guess i just have to wait till rainy season*


Mode Junkie said...

lol. everybody wants warmer weather and you're longing for colder one. just like me. i can't stand the heat.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice combination you're having there. They looked great on you. i prefer heat rather than cold and i loooove sweaters, jackets, coats & blazers.. Cool! Oh ya, thanks for your comments & support towards my blog~

marion said...

wow! those oversized sweater are just what im looking for! simply lovin' it!

ivy said...

wow...seems like a debate on hot and cold weather here!lol! anyway, appreciate all of your comments...thanx a bunch! :)


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