Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A bad hair day post

what i wore : No Boundaries denim jacket, Old Navy black tunic, DIY black skirt, brandless sandals, F21 layered necklace.

As you can see, i'm actually having a very bad hair day......yes, i still haven't got a hair cut yet.....well.....that explains all. I can't figure out which kind of hairstyle should i go for....maybe i should just go for a trim instead. Oh well.....we'll see how it goes.


Fashion&Such said...

Such a perfect outfit. I'm still thinking go for the Alexa chung haircut. & dye your hair too? :)

ivy said...

Fashion & Such - thanks!! the fact that i've to cut off my hair into Alexa's...pretty scare me..lol! Dye my hair is a good option too! thankxx

CharmaineLi said...

great necklace!! i have a similar one from f21 too@!

Tee Sea said...

Love the shoes!!


ivy said...

CharmaineLi & Tee Sea - thanks for the lovely comment! and thanks for dropping by too :)

Mode Junkie said...

love the sandals! ;)

i hate bad hair days!

click here to visit me at mode junkie!

Tee Sea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for adding it!!

styleantagonist said...

Hey hey! YOU! ha ha i am late again.. geez what's wrong with me? Okay, 1st i have always been in love with your denim jacket, secretly.. so becareful! ]:) i might just steal it from your open-room wardrobe, someday.. he he! & that necklace of yours from F21! Nice piece! You can as well pair it with a similar kind like shorts or a short jumper & will look great too! Nice ones! And OH GOODNESS PLEASE, just get a hair cut like Alexa's, you'll be fine!

ivy said...

Mode Junkie - thanks for dropping by and for those lovely comment..i suppose there's no more bad hair days after a visit to my usual saloon this weekend..can't wait! :)

styleantagonist - secretly in love with my denim jacks?? geez~ i didnt know that..i'll be much more careful the next time..lol! thanks for ur brilliant suggestion on pairing-upsss! thanks for ur support too! :)

Wendy said...

LOL that sandals! :D ..need i say more?? great pairing ups i must say.. again, your denim jackets r a steal!

Sushi said...

You look lovely! Oh my god I have been looking for those sandals everywhere - can you please tell me where you found yours/what brand they are? x Sushi

ivy said...

Sushi - sorry for the late reply :)
its a brandless sandals which i bought it at a local blogshop..here's the add ;)



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