Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ho8o Sk8er

credits : Glamour France


Tili_lili said...

This look is so funky. I absolutely adore the colour and the other simplistic hobo features.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ivy, thanks for posting these. i love colors a lot & my favourite picture would definitely be the 1st, 5th & 6th ones. They're naturally beautiful with the notion of not 'trying too hard' kind of thingy. And, i would like to ask if you have received your Bakers shoe? :D Please do a post on this, we are all dying to see it & how you go about styling them. Awaiting for your next post.

Wendy said...

the studded bag got me drooling! this editorial is so cool and the model is very good looking too.. do you happen to know her name? :) hobo & sk8er punk.. iv never thought of that combination but its definitely a new way to go!

ivy said...

Tili_lili - thanks for dropping by and the comments...xoxo!

styleantagonist - those blast of colors in these editorial!bout my Bakers wannabe shoe..i received it last 2weeks try my best to post it out asap :) xoxo!

wendy - she's Jana flototto from germany. same here too..sk8er + hobo..what a combination! xoxo!


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