Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm wearing : Mango knitted jacket, black top, All Brands Outlet denim shorts, leapord motifs tights, eBay ankle booties, Padini clutch with snake prints, F21 necklace, Diva ring.

Weather was so hot when i took these shots....phew~ I just bought this Mango knitted jacket during the week...and felt inspired to mix and match it with simple pieces. Not a one-of-a-kind outfit i would say...but i like how the colors of the pink jacket, dark green necklace, blue denim perfectly blended together :)

ps. pictures taken by wendy of blackcoffeecrumbs....thanks a bunch!


Anonymous said...

FIRST! Ha ha! Simply sweet & stunning! Absolutely loving those accessory pieces! Marvelous~ Do post more of your outfit, i love to see them more often ;)

Wendy said...

loving this outfit combo :) femme grunge!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the location, and I love the seashell pink sweater. You look amazing! :)


ivy said...

styleantagonist : thanksss...will surely post more of my outfits ;)

wendy : femme grunge...yeap! thats the words to describe my overall look ;) thanks!

fashion chalet : took it somewhere around where i live..almost sunset at that time :) thanksss...

Sushi said...

Cute outfit! x Sushi

ivy said...

thanks sushi!

SLF said...

nice outfit. rele like your jacket :)

hahijaw said...

those seed cluthes!! i saw them few years back and by the time i hv the money to buy they sold out already. so sad sob3 really nice!


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