Tuesday, July 7, 2009


what i'm wearing : Mango sheer floral blouse, Mango buckle belt, DIY black skirt, F21 floppy hat, quilted shoulder bag, Diva ring, GoJane strappy booties.


Fashion&Such said...

That hat looks amazing on you. Your choice of colours is so flattering, & I adore Alexa's haircut, you should definitely go for it!

Anonymous said...

Finally! That Bakers shoe rocks! So does you! Oooh, i want the bag! i want the bag! Gimme the bag! Mine's arriving very soon.. Then i'll guess we all be a team of Chanel inspired bag.. And yes, you should do something with your hair. Alexa's a good option on you :) Lastly, i'm not the first :(

Wendy said...

yeah..finally~ lol the shoes are really awesome till i wished i grabbed them too.. and another regret was not grabbing the hat too :( anyway, this combination of outfit is real lovely and perfectly matched. me likes :)

ivy said...

Fashion&Such - thanks for the lovely commenttttt...xoxo!

style-antagonist - lol! your's arriving real soon..never thought you'd bought almost the whole range of colors..lol! anyway..thanks for the lovely comment :)

Wendy - thanks for always commenting..to style-antagonist too..*xoxo*..to the both of u! well..the booties is still available..why not grab one too? :)

camerafilmroll said...

Cute outfit!

ivy said...

camerafilmroll - thanks for dropping by my blog! :)


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