Monday, July 6, 2009

My kind of hair........

Alexa chung

Thinking of getting a hair cut like Alexa Chung's....... :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, steal her style & chop off your hair :D ! She's not that attractive and naturally plain looking in feature (minus make-ups) but somehow she managed to pull off a style that suits her and accentuates her beauty. She does look good. Not a fan of Alexa because she's perpetually having the same stare, smile & pose when comes to picture-taking (yawn) BUT i must admit to love looking at this picture particularly. Bravo to her.

Wendy said...

go for it! i'll support you :)

ivy said...

style-antagonist & Wendy - LOL! its the both of u again! well...not 100% sure on getting a hair cut like still thinking about it~ should i..or shouldn't i?


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